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Title: The year 2011
Post by: TheDarkAngle on April 30, 2012, 03:10:32 am
In May-2011 Arbrim opened SW. He asked all his friends to join including BigBang, Royal_Pain, SamerFW, Barricade, Ano-pop, HydraHzz, Joaprg, Evolution and TheDarkAngle. Seeing all the friendly players and the activity SW had, many players wanted to join, Making SW the second most active clan in just the half month of May.
Just days later Arbrim had difficulties with his internet connection and went for Months of inactivity, In order to keep the clan going he made his cousin admin (TheDarkAngle), who was inactive for months and just started to get some skill back.

As admin TheDarkAngle focused on making strong Friendships between the players and increasing the Skill requires in order to get accepted, though still friendliness was the most important factor. Players that got in during this time: Sentinel, Sharp, ShamanBrian.

Royal_Pain went offline for Months but kept being active in the Forum playing an enormous role in the good atmosphere there, What made many players active and our Forums the most Active, aiding that the players get to know each other and feel like a Family.

Meanwhile SemiShaman a supporter of our clan since the beginning days directed many players to join SW: Remote, BomboClat, AwesomeDakini.

During June SW kept being the most active Clan, the Members kept playing with each other, getting to know their Skill level and giving tips to improve. The best ones being Sentinel and Bigbang. In June the activity of the members made SW with 515 Clan points the Most active clan back to December 2009(18 months)

The following month went to be the crisis of SW. After seeing that the standards and SWs attitude were weakening TheDarkAngle not wanting to blame anyone made the rules more Strict and restated them, adding a Warning Point system which punishes bad behavior and clan belittling, which was needed after the fights BigBang and Barricade were having, two of the most important and loyal Members.
One day later Sentinel leaves after being disappointed with the attitude SW was getting due to the arguments BigBang went in, As BigBangs behavior was against the 5th rule, he gets warned and at the same time told that it was his behavior why Sentinel left. Disappointed that he was of harm, in the same day BigBang leaves SW. He continued to be of positive influence and friendly towards SW members.
Days later Sentinel asks if he may join back as he missed the warm community.
Through this month players went to be inactive, lowering SWs activity, and dropping in the second place in Clan Leagues.

In the end of July TheDarkAngle in need of more space decides to go inactive and Gives admin Positions to the two most respected and skilled members Sentinel and Remote.
Remote kept making friendships and increasing interaction of SW members in MM, Meanwhile being completely absent in the forums.
Sentinel represented SW as one of the top players in MM and was very active in both MM and Forum. During his period two strong players join Toruk_makto and Pancake.

Sentinel eager to improve rapidly, leaves in September and joins DT.
Remote was the hope stanchion of SW, who stops playing.

TheDarkAngle continues being inactive. BomboClat the strongest and most active member is given Admin position and full Direction of Clan, he turns out to get SW from its nadir of activity back to the top form again.
Seeing the inactivity of the members Bomboclat calls BigBang to aid him with clan direction. Together they increase activity in MM, improve interaction and the fun our members have. Old players start getting active again and with the good atmosphere in MM they keep being active.
BigBang streams strong players in(SoulTaker, Toni, Rousfv).
Hope who once left SW desires to join again, after waiting 2 weeks and proving that he really wants to be a part of SW he gets accpeted.
Saber shows interest to join SW. Firstly the only proponent for him to join was BomboClat, other members saw Saber as a clan hopper and didn't want him to have our tag. BomboClat convinces everybody to give Saber a chance and takes him as recruit.
After two weeks of waiting Saber won the approval of everybody.

Another time BomboClat calls for improvement. Saber offers to make a new Website with integrated forum, with a friendly interface for the new members and a more professional and serious look.

During all the time SW players made a lot of recordings and how-to's, making SW the clan with the best Video Guide to improve from Decent to Almost-Pro.

In the following months SW accepts Rousfv, Dominant, Altair, Diablo and King-Kong. As DT struggles and many members leave Sentinel joins SW but leaves after 2 months cuz of inner conflicts.
SW keeps leading the clan leagues for 4 months in a row.

Being members with impact Hope is promoted Admin and Dominant is promoted as second Admin and Recruitment leader. 

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What about Lock this Topic.

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better to let it open that way players can add comments etc.

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Post by: xshamanbrian1x on May 11, 2012, 10:50:20 am
i love reading through this many times, not only so i understand it more...... because im mentioned in it and i feel so special when i am :P  :thanks: