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Title: Clan join request :)
Post by: Marcel on June 11, 2017, 12:47:18 pm
Username: VEN0M

Previous Usernames: marcel290500, marcel-ger15

Age: 17

Country: Germany

Started playing populous: 2012

Started playing populous online: 2013

Your favourite maps: Pressure Point, Face off, Töm, nübrimnir palace

Actual rank: Warrior-priest

Last 2 years monthly points: 8

Why do u want to join SW: Many people i like to play with are in

Would you be active on forums: if i get it how it works sure

What are your strongest/weakest points: im good in attacking ...and i dont know maybe strong in nothing :D and im weak in staying alive/rebuilding

Do you have people that you dont like/dont like you in the clan, if yes who is it? nobody :p

What do you play populous for? F-U-N... and to get better maybe to get shaman one day :o

What where your previous clans? why did you leave them/got kicked? i left because babo said they are **** xD and dont know people there i could play with

Describe yourself with a word: N-O-O-B

Where do you see yourself in a year (regarding activity in pop and rank)? i hope i get better and learn from high ranks and maybe get firewarrior

Title: Re: Clan join request :)
Post by: Babo on June 11, 2017, 12:49:31 pm
thx for your application, a poll was created  :thumbs: